Welcome to 2022, Jairus.

a year in review

thoughts for thots: entry #1

a helpful guide for the standard ambitious, driven, air-sign, ambivert UC Irvine student

no, this is not part of my grad pics. will be dropping those laterzzzz.

a look into my first play at UCI's School of the Arts

Feelings, thoughts, and important takeaways about Asian-/American representation

  • *This post is about the critically-acclaimed film, “Cr*zy Rich Asians,” with some spoilers, intersectional rants, and a strong emphasis on racial oppression, critical race theory, and representation in Hollwood and POC communities. A hoe finally saw the film after reading the original novel, so please read below for an important…

thoughts on decolonizing myself

a note on growth, endings, and beginnings

a tell-all exposé of my insecurities, heartbreak, and self


Jairus is a boy just trying to get to the moon. He’s also a writer, artist, activist, and scholar. #multihyphenategang /Follow him on IG for more: @jairuspacelo

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